Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions"...

-Will Ferrell from the movie "Kicking and Screaming"

That could possibly be the very best line from any movie - EVER... Ok, maybe not "EVER", but it is pretty good :)

I feel I can say with a certain measure of confidence that, if either myself or my brother Chris ever discontinued our patronage of our local Starbucks, it would be in serious danger of having to close. I cannot tell you the number of times I've pulled into their drive-thru lane only to see that, I had pulled in directly behind Chris, or look into my rear view mirror to see him pulling up behind me. It's almost freaky. It's interesting to me, as we were not raised in a coffee drinking home. Neither of our parents care for it (dad only "liking the smell but not the taste" and mom, always willing to try our delicious drinks but then responding with "it's too coffee-y"), and the only time we ever had it in the house was when we'd make a pot for grandma during family gatherings/holidays. Thank God we've seen the light.
Anyway, we (we=my mom, my sister Allison, my brother Chris, 2 of my girls, and myself) were out and out town the other day when, as we usually do, Chris and I got a sudden, and very strong urge to visit all of our friends at our local Starbucks, some of which we know by name, others of which, are only known by our experiences with them (ex. "Way too perky in the morning" lady, and "hott coffee girl" - that's hott with 2 t's of course). Mom and Allison had to stop a store close by so she dropped us off and we took Sophie with us. Sophie is only almost 2 years old but is very well acquainted with what coffee is. She's probably only tasted it 2 or 3 times in her whole life but knows exactly what it is when she sees it. As I had ordered something hot, and Chris, something cold, "Unkoo" (the term she uses to lovingly refer to each of my brothers) was her new best friend. Atta' girl.



carriex3 said...

my motto, "must love coffee," and the kid's song (C O F F E E).....
very cute,

Becky said...

I am really wanting a whitechocolatefrappuccinolite now!! When's my next trip to the US??

Jon said...

That Quote is actually from Mike Ditka while he is talking to Will Ferrell. Great quote though

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, well I must say in all spiritual eloquence, I lova-mi-sa-coffee (read with offensive accent.)

Im so glad I read this blog today,
Thursday on my way to Rhema, (Gods summer home) I had left my place of stay with a vanilla cinnamon columbian coffee in one hand, books in the other, and keys on the finger, I finished the "House blend" in enough time to order a vinte mocha quad shot, in a starbucks drive through full of strangers, (Tulsa, Ok )

"is this Heaven?....... nah just the third realm"

What does God have in His throne room?? Thats right a line of angels waiting for some starbucks.

The prodigal son

p.s. no worries mom, starbucks is just bringing me closer to the siblings, allison start drinking more coffee ;)