Monday, September 29, 2008

Say WHAT?!!??...

(a new pin/brooch design available in my etsy shop)

Just wanted to check in to say howdy. People don't say "howdy" near enough any more. It's sad really.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Why bother doing things the way they're meant to be done???...

...Just a typical trip to Target. I think it started when, on one of our shopping trips, she had fallen asleep in the car on the way and didn't wake up even after I laid her down in the back of the cart and got almost all the way through the store. She then woke up and realized she was laying down, and must have enjoyed the view. Either way, now, anytime we see a shopping cart it's "NIGHT-NIGHT!!! NIGHT-NIGHT!!!"

Also, here is a peek at the loverly roses my sweet hubby gave me for my birthday - don't be jealous - or do, whatever :)


Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday #2...

Happy Thursday everyone!

This week for my "Peek at my Pad" post, I've decided to keep within my bedroom sanctuary, as it is one of the only rooms in my house that is all painted and situated (for the most part) the way I'd like it. I'll branch out soon but for now, it's the most inspiring spot in my house.As with almost everywhere else in my home, my bedroom is no different in that, anywhere you look, you can get a pretty good idea of what color families I tend to gravitate toward. :) My brother Matthew gave me the big round mirror hanging on the wall... and come to think of it, he has given me many of the mirrors in my home, which is interesting as we always give him a hard time about his inability to pass by a mirror without taking time to stare at himself for a bit. :) (I love you man!) Mirrors are things I really enjoy decorating with. Like the plates I talked about last week, mirrors are thigs that I didn't realize just how many I had till I actually took time to look around. I even have one hanging above my stove in an effort to try to make my "not quite big enough" kitchen look a little larger - that, and I can spy on the kids while they're eating even with my back to them. :) I'm sure many more mirrors will be showing up in my "Pad pics" in the weeks to come.

I felt like it would be cheating to use this picture for my "pad pic" as it is very similar to one from my sushi post a while back, but I had to show off what I had for breakfast...Every year for my birthday, my mom makes me my VERY most favorite dessert - it is SOOOO delicious. Not too sweet, made from scratch, best when chilled...mmmmmmm...Chocolate chip brownie torte. And every year, I have some for breakfast the day after my birthday. :) Today was "torte for breakfast" day and I was in heaven. The green glass was part of the gift from my parents (thanks Mom and Dad!) and I can already tell they are going to make my daily water drinking a little more tolerable :)


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

28 is lookin pretty good...

You know, your birthday isn't really your birthday till your local barista writes "Happy Birthday" on the side of your latte, and your mom calls you at the very time you were born (11:47am in my case) to sing you the birthday song. :) Today is my day and its been a pretty good one so far! :)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Green thumbs and Grandpa...

So I would have to say that I'm pretty notorious for killing plants. I always start off well, with the greatest of intentions and the prettiest of pots, but for some strange reason, my "green thumb" has been replaced by the kiss of death. Sigh. Oh how I long for my home to be filled with greenery, perking up the decor, and exhaling oxygen just as God created intended. Sadly, my plants typically last only as long as they can cling to life through my sporadic bouts of over or under-watering.

That being said, I just had to post a picture of one of the exceptions to the rule in my home... After my grandfather passed away on October 28th, 2003, I received a large and lovely Easter/Resurrection Lily. I took it home and, like every other plant, I was thinking that I'd try to enjoy it for as long as possible till the Lily's withered and all the leaves fell off. The funeral had taken place on November 1st, and on the 7th, I was in the hospital, giving birth to my middle little lady, Isabel. As you may surmise, I was quite busy taking care of a new baby and a toddler, so plant maintenance was not top priority. However, to my surprise, the plant seemed to hang in there, and even thrive, despite my neglect! In a little over a month from now, this plant will be 5 years old (as will my Isabel!) and for the first time in a LONG time, it has sprouted it's lovely lilys again.There's not a day that goes by that I don't look at that plant and think of my Grandpa. I'm thankful that God has helped it to survive (as I CERTAINLY cannot take the credit) and even more so, that I have such a beautiful bit of His creation to serve as a reminder of my Grandfather and everything he means to me.(Grandpa was notorious for writing EVERYTHING down - even going so far as to have a calendar designated solely for marking down the high and low temperatures for each and every day of the year. This was a photo taken by my Grandma while the two of them were on their honeymoon. This is what Grandpa wrote on the back of the photo...

"Yours truly, Marlow, taken in Grant Park while I was changing film in my camera. The stinker! Chicago, Ill. 9-20-1947"

What a handsome fellow).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fruits of my recent laboring..

Ever since school started (ok, more like, ever since school ended last year if we’re being completely honest here), I’ve found it kind of hard to carve out as much jewelry-making time like I’d like. I know it’s mostly due to getting out of last year’s school time schedule, and now being sluggish about getting back into the swing of things, but, I’m actually seeing a little shaft of light somewhere out ahead, down towards the end of the tunnel. I had one custom order to finish the other day and I was thrilled to be able to have brought 2 more rings to completion. Several more pieces were started but are currently waiting very patiently for me down in my shop. Hopefully I’ll be able to pay them a visit early this coming week and have more pics to show you soon! For now, this one will have to tide you over. :) I hope you’re all having a stellar weekend!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Peek at my Pad" Thursday - #1

So I was thinking the other day that I'd like to pick one day a week where I have one certain "topic" that I blog about regularly. I was mentioning this to a friend of mine and, our conversation, paired with my innate snoopiness when it comes to other people's daily lives (I'm always curious about what is on people's bedside tables, where they keep their shoes, where do they sit to read their books, etc.) resulted in "Peek at my Pad" Thursdays!
Every Thursday, I'll post a pic of a spot in my home, accompanied with a bit of a description. I'm still waiting to hear from someone to see if they'd like to participate, and after I get the yay or nay, I'll post links to the few of us participating so far. If you'd like to get in on the fun, just send me a comment with your blog address. I'd love to peek at your pad! Like I said, I'm nosey.

Well, here 'goes!...This is the top of the dresser in my bedroom. 8 years ago when Gabe and I got married, he gave me a lovely jewelry box which I tried to use, but quickly realized that

#1. I found I wasn't wearing jewelry very often, due, I can only assume to the "out of sight, out of mind" principle


#2. It wasn't big enough to fit all my jewelry.

I decided I had to figure out some way to "store" my stuff where it is both accessible and out of reach of tiny little ladies, who would give anything to wear (and consequently LOSE) as many rings as their little fingers can hold). I had thought about purchasing some sort of tray but, then I realized that for the first time, I could actually put my obsession for pretty plates to good use.

(Sidenote: As the weeks progress, I fear I will be opening windows to several more obsessions of mine. Ah well, what's life without a few irrational and ridiculous obsessions??? - you know you've got them). :)

ANYWAY, back to MY issues - so anytime I'm out shopping, I can hardly resist taking a peek at the plates. Pier1, flea markets, no matter. Not so much because I need them, or even use them for their intended purposes, but because I just have a thing for them. It wasn't till I took this picture that I realized just how frequently they pop up around my home. You'll see in the coming weeks I'm sure.
As for the jewelry living on the plates, some of it is my own personal stash, others are pieces listed in my shop waiting for new homes, others still are waiting to be listed, but, with the exception of the leather cuffs in the back (which were purchased from Ms. Iris of they're all pieces I've made.

Happy Thursday and I look foreward to "peeking at your pad" soon!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Ode to the Second Amendment...

If I had been thinking, I would have included this pic with my last post about recent items that have come my way via the United States Postal Service. Alas, I was not thinking, so here it is...I am a scarf girl all the way, and this is just the most recent addition to my vast collection. If you're interested in adorning your neck with something similar, I suggest you give a look-see.


PS: Perhaps you were wondering...

"What's up with the supermodel/quasi-emo face in the pic Em???"

Aw shucks, well, thanks for the "supermodel" reference (*blush*) but that's actually just my look of concentration as I was taking the picture in my well lit, yet not well cleaned bathroom, trying to make sure I wasn't getting too much of the dirty-clothes pile in the frame. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

If my postman only knew...

I've never actually hugged or accosted him but believe me, I've thought about it as I've cracked open my front door and peered out at him through the narrow opening, waiting anxiously to see what manner of spectacularity he may have just for me... I've actually gotten to the point that I recognize the sound of his delivery truck and dash immediately to the window closest to where he parks to see if I can spot any packages making their way to my porch. Today, was one of those days, where my peeking was not in vain, for my order from had finally arrived! Feel free to drool.Happily,

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I pray we never forget.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What manner of deliciousness is this???...

After my coffee post the other day, I feel it only fair to even things out with a "food" post. Not sure how that's really "even" but somehow it makes sense in my brain. Here is a pic of my lunch today...
(yes, that is a picture of my brother Matt in the green frame in the background, and yes, he does have a cross of hair on his chest).

I was at the grocery store today and for some reason I had a sudden and very strong hankering for some sushi. (NO!!!, I am NOT pregnant, but thanks for asking). It was delicious, but before I dug in (ok, I did eat one first), I thought I should take a picture. For some reason I am absolutely fascinated with the interesting visual sushi provides. Such stunning color combos and interesting shapes, not often found in items of "edibility".
After taking these pics, I couldn't help but notice how well my lunch matched my kitchen's decor so I thought I'd snap a few more pics to give you an example of what are apparently my favorite few colors :) Please excuse the ugly tan-ish shade of my counters and tiled wall, and the rickety "came with the house" cupboards. A major remodel is in our (fingers crossed) near future and I'm THRILLED at the prospect of having a kitchen I actually enjoy spending time in.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels the dreams of champions"...

-Will Ferrell from the movie "Kicking and Screaming"

That could possibly be the very best line from any movie - EVER... Ok, maybe not "EVER", but it is pretty good :)

I feel I can say with a certain measure of confidence that, if either myself or my brother Chris ever discontinued our patronage of our local Starbucks, it would be in serious danger of having to close. I cannot tell you the number of times I've pulled into their drive-thru lane only to see that, I had pulled in directly behind Chris, or look into my rear view mirror to see him pulling up behind me. It's almost freaky. It's interesting to me, as we were not raised in a coffee drinking home. Neither of our parents care for it (dad only "liking the smell but not the taste" and mom, always willing to try our delicious drinks but then responding with "it's too coffee-y"), and the only time we ever had it in the house was when we'd make a pot for grandma during family gatherings/holidays. Thank God we've seen the light.
Anyway, we (we=my mom, my sister Allison, my brother Chris, 2 of my girls, and myself) were out and out town the other day when, as we usually do, Chris and I got a sudden, and very strong urge to visit all of our friends at our local Starbucks, some of which we know by name, others of which, are only known by our experiences with them (ex. "Way too perky in the morning" lady, and "hott coffee girl" - that's hott with 2 t's of course). Mom and Allison had to stop a store close by so she dropped us off and we took Sophie with us. Sophie is only almost 2 years old but is very well acquainted with what coffee is. She's probably only tasted it 2 or 3 times in her whole life but knows exactly what it is when she sees it. As I had ordered something hot, and Chris, something cold, "Unkoo" (the term she uses to lovingly refer to each of my brothers) was her new best friend. Atta' girl.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to school...

Well, as promised, here are the obligatory "1st day of school pics"... Lillie wanted to take her picture outside the building as to greatly diminish the chance of anyone actually seeing her getting her picture taken (the same girl who, on school days during the FRIDIG Iowa winters, practically RIPS her hat off before we even get out of the car, and asks in quite a panic of her hair is "static-y"). Isabel isn't quite as concerned, but always seems to get the "aw man, I can't believe my mom's taking my picture AGAIN" face whenever others are around. Each of them had great first days and are quite anxious to go back for more!

Here's a little snapshot into what Sophie and I have been doing with our new-found free time...
... at our house, a "blanket" isn't a "blanket" - it's a "cozy" (that's what Lillie always called them when she was tiny and its just stuck), and apparently a "cozy" isn't a "cozy" unless it's worn on top of your head. I have no idea where she got this idea but all "cozies" - not just the hooded ones - end up just as you see here. I don't quite know what to make of it but it sure does make for some adorable picture-taking!

I hope all of your "back-to-school" adventures have gone off without a hitch! Pray for me - I start back tomorrow teaching art... more on this to come I'm SURE!...


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two lovelies...

A rare olive-green Poppy Jasper...

Purple Sugilite...

Just thought I'd post pics of the 2 pieces I was finally able to finish tonight after getting the bambinas into their beds. Though Lillie started school last Thur, tomorrow is actually Isabel's 1st day of preschool so I've been holding off with posting the obligatory "first day of school" pics till after Isabel's big day. Hopefully all will go without a hitch! Stay tuned...