Thursday, August 28, 2008

The rundown - Part 2...

So I mentioned a while back that I was going to take a few posts and introduce you to all the "key players" that would most frequently be gracing the pages of this humble blog. I was just about to post the "first day of school" pics I took this morning of my 6 year old, Lillie, when I realized that some of you may not know who Lillie is... Thus, I commence with "The rundown - Part 2"... the introduction of my little women...

My hubby and I have been married for 8 years now and we have 3 of the most gorgeous little ladies you'll ever lay eyes on (besides your own kids of course - but I am their mom and I do speak the truth). First off there's Lillie...

Lillie is 6 years old and our oldest she-child. I had always loved the name "Lillie" but finding out it was my grandmother's maiden name just sealed the deal. She is every bit as lovely as her name implies and, with the exception of a period of a few months where we had to have some SERIOUS disciplining sessions to counteract the "terrible 2's" , she is a very mild-mannered child. As previously mentioned, she just started in with the 1st grade and was already upset today (first day of school mind you) that she had made ONE mistake, forgetting that "Igloo" started with an "i", and not an "e". "Perfectionist" is one word that pops into my head when I think about her. :) She is a HUGE help to me around the house and informed me yesterday that she "thinks it's about time she learned how to clean the bathroom because she really likes to scrub stuff". Keep it up girl.

Isabel is our middle child. I’d say she’s 4 years old but if you ask her (or if she hears you tell someone else she’s only 4) she’ll quickly hold up 4 fingers on one hand and a bent pointer finger on the other to symbolize that she is in fact “4 and a HALF.” She is tiny but definitely has the sass to make up for it. Picture in your mind what the perfect combination of “girly, petite, baby-doll loving, lip gloss fascinated” and “get down and dirty, picking up worms, poking dead animals, and a strange fascination with blood” would be, top it off with the fact that she can’t say her “R” sound yet (“Barbies” are “Bawbies”, etc) and that’s my Isabel. She can often be seen at home wearing as many different clothing combinations as I’ll allow, changing frequently and ALWAYS layering. Skirts over pants are a favorite but ponchos (even in the middle of summer) come in a close second. I will be so interested to see what she ends up choosing as a career path - last I checked it was either “nurse” or “cowgirl”.

(this picture was take at Dairy Queen right after she told my mom - who had just bought Isabel a blizzard that she wasn't eating very well - that "I think I would eat this M&M blizzard much better if they had only just given me the M&M's")

Sophia (“Sophie”) will turn 2 in October and is our youngest little woman. She has definitely added an interesting dynamic to our little family. Lillie and Isabel are 1 day shy of being exactly 1&1/2 years apart in age and as such, have always been quite close. Little Sophie arrived 3 years after Isabel and has unmistakably assumed the role of “baby of the family”. It has only been recently that she has even wanted anything to do with Isabel, previously only wanting hugs and attention from the not-so rough and much taller “big girl”. Sophie has my dad completely wrapped around her finger (as well as several other people under the sub-category heading of “Grandparent”) and can melt you in 3.7 seconds if she so desires.

I could go on and ON with stories about each of them but I’ll save some of that for another post, another day.... and believe me, there WILL be more. :)


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Becky said...

Look at your little cuties! Hey, a child who likes to clean bathrooms?? Send her over :D Let Isabel know next time she has a Blizzard she can have the M&Ms and I'll have the icecream :) Yay that Sophie is healthy! My wee nephew Jared had some problems at birth too so I can empathise with you - she's absolutely precious.