Thursday, August 21, 2008

One last time...

I am so thankful that God has blessed me with 3 beautiful, healthy kids - and all it takes is one visit to Children's hospital to solidify that thankfulness in my heart. I bring this up because, though my kids are very healthy, we did have our stint of hospital visits with our youngest little woman, Sophia, which all started with a little something out of the ordinary my doctor noticed on a pre-natal ultrasound.
On that ultrasound, it was clearly visible that one of my tiny, unborn baby girl's kidney's was twice as big as the 'normal' one. We were sent on to a perinatologist (a fancy name for the doctor that specializes in deciphering prenatal ultrasounds) who, set us at ease a bit by at least assuring us that "surgery in-utero" would "most likely not be necessary". Somewhat settling words, yet somehow not so settling. On October 25th, 2006, Sophia was born and within the first few hours of life, had the first of several ultrasounds of her own.
The final determination was that one of her kidney's had partially duplicated during development and had 2 ureters (the tiny tube that carries urine from your kidney to your bladder) connected to it instead of just one. The tube connected to the extra portion of kidney was almost totally blocked off (rendering it almost completely useless) and further testing determined that there was some urine reflux back up towards the kidney, posing a serious threat of infection if left as it was.
After visiting with the AMAZING pediatric urologist at Children's hospital in Omaha, NE, the determination was made that Sophia would need surgery to remove the extra portion of kidney and correct the reflux issue. Surgery... at 6 months old. I'll spare you the details of that whole ordeal as I am mostly just thankful it's over...

Sophia will turn 2 this coming October and tomorrow, we go for, what will hopefully be the LAST of our visits for follow-up testing to Children's hospital. I was convinced that we'd have, at the very least, yearly appointments for the better part of her childhood, if not beyond, as well as the prospect of having to keep her on antibiotics long-term to ward off any threat of infection that may linger... BUT... I am also convinced that just as God guided the hand of the surgeon that day so many months ago, He has also done somewhat of a miracle as far as all the aftermath is concerned. The initial post operative tests showed that everything was in perfect working order, that no anti-biotics would be required, and that they would schedule one FINAL check up just to scope things out and confirm the total and complete return of her entire urinary system to working order. I know that tomorrow's final visit and subsequent testing will prove just that. Though we had our bout with Doctors, and waiting rooms, and kissing our sweet little girl before they took her away in her tiny little hospital gown, I am so thankful every day that now, out on the other side, our little Sophia is healed and whole.



The Noisy Plume: said...

You asked me to and so I did pray for Sophia. Glad to hear she's healthy and amazing and beautiful (gawsh she's beautiful).

Love knowing you are there Em.
Love it.


Becky said...

Awww she's so precious.