Saturday, August 23, 2008

All's well...

Just wanted to check in to let you know that Sophie's appointment at Children's hospital could not have gone any better!... except for the slight scheduling debacle where they had moved the actual appointment with the Dr. to the day we were there but hadn't bothered to let us know that they hadn't moved the ultrasound appointment from the date they had both originally been scheduled a week ago. Sweet, sweet Jenny at the front desk helped us out and couldn't have been more kind. Everything was straightened out and we ended our stay with the pediatric Urologist assuring us that everything looked great and unless anything comes up in the future, he saw no reason for us to return for any check-ups! He then wished us all the best and then recommended we have an early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Though I can truly say that I did go into the appointment worry-free, I think (whether it was audible or not) I did let out somewhat of a sigh of relief, and I had a bit of trouble wiping the smile off my face for several hours afterward. God is good and I am so thankful. So thankful. 


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