Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I wouldn't mind a few more storms...

Turns out the storm provided me quite a fruitful few hours in the workshop! When you have 3 little ones (6 and under) running about, it's hard to find enough time to get much of anything done, let alone a few hours -put together no less- in the workshop. When it's storming, they just want to hide under blankets on the couch and watch a movie. Thank you "Meet the Robinsons" for providing me 95 minutes of uninterrupted bliss.
I was nearly able to bring several pieces to fruition (they're just waiting for a final patina and polish) and as soon as I completely finish, I'll post a few pics. I'll check out the forecast for the week, perhaps some more storms are on their way??? I can only hope to be so lucky.


1 comment:

The Noisy Plume: said...

Oh the fruition!!!!!!!!!!!
I love your sneaky face and big rings.
Thanks for existing.
I'm pretty sure I'm willing to give you some of the pieces of my heart.