Monday, July 28, 2008

Fine feathered friends...

It is one thing to have people you are close to. People you see on a regular (or even not-so-regular) basis. People you can go to movies with, paint your toenails with, eat disgustingly delicious food with, and wrap your arms around.

It is something else entirely to have people in your life, whom you've never physically met, who you feel so close to, you could swear a DNA swab would reveal something to merit a daytime talk show appearance. People who you've never exchanged words with beyond what your fingers have typed, yet you feel your heart well at the very thought of their existence.

I am convinced that God knows exactly whom each of us need to be connected with and no distance will keep Him from seeing those connections made. He is God after all.

To all my "connections" both near and far, I look forward to getting to know you better and better, regardless of whether we ever meet face-to-face this side of heaven.


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elliott said...

my heart leapt as i read this entry--as this is exactly how i see God's hand in bringing together kindred spirit's..another part to this is your lovely jewellery--every time i wear your rings i have this beautiful, tangible reminder of this connection to you!!
love, elliott